History of the Texas Veterans Land Board

It all started in 1946 when the Texas Legislature created the Texas Veterans Land Board, to help Veterans acquire land after the war. Then in 1983, they added Home Loans to the program. This site was created to help you understand Texas Veteran Home Loans in the State of Texas.

The Texas Veterans Land Board is a self-funding organization that earns it's money through the sale of bonds. Through the sale of these Bonds, they are able to reduce the interest rates of fixed home loan programs for Veterans from Texas. In all cases, the interest rates are below market.

We often hear that other Lenders can't or won't offer the Texas Vet Programs to Veterans throughout the State of Texas. We are a registered Texas Vet Lender, and is a recognized lender by the Texas Veterans Land Board. In short, we do Texas Vet Loans on a daily basis.

Does a Texas Vet Loan require extra paperwork? Sure, but we don't let this slow us down. Does is take longer to get a Texas Vet Home Loan? Yes, but only about 1 extra day.