Week is January 27 - Feb. 3rd, 2023
30 Year Fixed (30% VA disabled or more) 4.95% 5.34% APR) Note: Cannot use for refinance.
Max Home Limit Now $647,200
30 Year Fixed (non disabled) 5.45% (5.64% APR) Note: Cannot use for refinance.

A Little Bit About Me

Thanks for visiting my site. My name is Pat Fitzgerald, and I am based in San Antonio, Texas, and serving Active Military and Veterans all over the State of Texas.

I make my living helping Active Military people as well as Veterans. There are many ways in which to qualify to use this wonderful program. Too many people are misinformed about this program, and I am here to make sure that you are told the "straight facts".

My direct number is (210) 215-4400. If you need to call me evenings or weekends, no problem. I will try my best to answer your call 7 days per week to help you. Remember, "it doesn't cost a penny to talk". Give me a call right now, and I will answer all of your questions.

I'll also answer the most popular questions for you. Whether you are a Prospective Client or a Realtor, I hope this site will give you the tools necessary to make a proper decision on a Home Loan using the Texas Veterans Land Board Program.

Top 5 Reasons to do business with Pat Fitzgerald!

  1. I make my living helping Veterans & Active Military people.....so you get straight talk & honest answers!
  2. Need answers to your many questions?  .....let me clear up all of the myths!
  3. Want to know the difference between a VA Loan and a Texas Vet VA Loan?  Call me!
  4. Don't like talking to an 800 number for your loan?  Come to my office, get the personal service you deserve!
  5. You have earned the right to use this program!  I would be honored to help you.....please give me the chance!

So let me hear from you!  Remember....it doesn't cost a penny to talk....so call me right now and I will answer all your questions!

The Texas Veterans Land Board, changes Interest Rates every week. Listed above, you will find what rates are this week, for 15 and 30 Year fixed rate Home Loans. There are additional rate discounts available, and you will find these listed on the “Q & A” page.

We are located in San Antonio, Texas and is a true “One Stop Lender”. We originate, underwrite, and close all types of loans. We offer Texas Vet, Veterans, FHA, Conventional, Jumbo, Adjustable Rate, and Investment products.

We are a Mortgage Banking firm, not a Mortgage Broker. The biggest single difference is that Mortgage Banking firms lend their own money. Mortgage Brokers assemble your information, then go out on the open market and place your file in someone else’s hands. We never lose control of your file, because we never give your file to anyone else. From the moment we take your application, we process, underwrite, and approve your loan within our Branch in San Antonio, Texas.


Consumers wishing to file a complaint against a Mortgage or a Licensed Mortgage Banker Residential Mortgage Loan Originator should complete and send a complaint to The Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending, 2601 N. Lamar, Ste 201, Austin, TX 78705. Complaint forms and instructions may be obtained from the department's web site at www.sml.texas.gov A toll-free consumer hotline is available at 877-276-5550.

The department maintains a recovery fund to make payments of certain actual out of pocket damages, sustained by borrowers caused by acts of licensed Mortgage Banker Residential Mortgage Loan Originators. A written application for reimbursement from the recovery fund must be filed with an investigation by the Department prior to the payment of a claim. For more information about the Recovery Fund, please consult the department’s website at www.sml.texas.gov.